Forcible Entry Training With

Driving Force

Driving Force door prop is a revolutionary tool that is beneficial to fire service personnel, S.W.A.T. teams, and other special forces.  The unique properties of Driving Force are also indispensable tools in providing a minimum awareness of techniques for gaining egress from and entry into locked or blocked door openings in a variety of building types in the shortest time possible.  In these tough economic times, a more economical way to train personnel is vital to the survival of victims and the preservation of national security.  Our future depends on doing more with less without sacrificing realistic experience.

Prop Features

  • Free Standing
  • Mount in Con-Ex container
  • Install in building
  • Use a variety of breaching tools
  • Reusable door
  • Reusable shear lock
  • Reusable friction lock
  • Resistant to abuse
  • Reusable hinges
  • Left hand or right hand option
  • In-swing or out-swing
  • Use with hollow metal doors
  • Use with wood doors
  • Use with Consumable door edges

Videos provided by Fire Engineering and Urban Firefighter

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